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Make your vehicle smarter


Get the VINchain OBD device

Simply plug the VINchain OBD device into your vehicle


Download the VINchain app

The VINchain app is available for iOS and Android

Keep track of your car

  • 24/7 Live vehicle tracking
  • Get crash or accident notifications
  • View and store trip history
  • Find your car on a huge parking lot
  • Get alerts when vehicles arrive/depart geofences
  • Manage vehicle use outside of working hours

Vehicle Health

  • Track maintenance activity and get alerts about preventative service
  • Monitor fuel levels and locate the nearest gas station when fuel is low
  • Get immediate notification of engine issues or a draining battery
  • Measure mileage and vehicle utilization

Have peace of mind knowing your loved ones are safe

Install the VINchain OBD device in your family members car and know that they are safe at all times

Know if your loved ones arrived safely at their point of destination

Know your kids are safe on their road trip, knowing how fast they are going and where they are at all times.

Receive notifications about the status of the vehicle, and know that it is in roadworthy condition

Driver Performance

  • Manage idling, speeding and overall fuel usage
  • Monitor compliance with speed limits
  • Coach drivers using scorecard reports
  • Verify arrival and departure time from job sites
  • Let drivers self-manage performance using driver app

Create your own vehicle history

  • Automatically save your trip information and various other important details, thus creating your own personal vehicle history
  • Increase the value of your car when it is time to sell by being able to provide an expanded history of its condition, use, and maintenance
  • Your data belongs to you and only you, all thanks to cutting edge blockchain technology

Save on your insurance policy

Until now, insurance quotes have been measured against a set of static metrics, like age, gender and location. Some drivers end up paying more than they should to make up for other, less careful drivers.

Lower Premiums

Octo technology gives insurers a clear picture of your driving, so that they can design a policy around your precise needs.

Pay as you drive

On goods and services like refueling, car washes, car products, and so much more

Improved driving

Octo technology gives insurers a clear picture of your driving, so that they can design a policy around your precise needs.

Personalize your entire vehicle
ownership experience

Service reminders

Get notifications from your selected dealer for service reminders to make sure your car is in top shape

Personalized offers

Get only the most relevant offers based on your driving behavior from third party providers - don’t worry your data is safe with us

Connect with 1000’s of other apps

Your VINchain OBD device can be paired with services such as IFTTT which allow you to pair your device with 1000’s of other apps, to completely personalize your entire vehicle ownership experience

Maintenance offers

Get notified when your car needs a specific service based on your driving habits and vehicle usage

Choose your dealer

Choose from local dealers in a much more streamlined way for your next service and maintenance appointment

Easily Switch between cars

Got a new car? No problem, just plug your VINchain OBD device into your new ride, and you’re good to go

Explore the world of possibilities
with any connected vehicle you like





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